2021/2022 YAS Board Contacts

Kailee Groat VICE-PRESIDENT 780-712-9477 SignatureK@hotmail.com  *Complaints / Concerns / Overall operation

Jenna Helmer TREASURER rowdyjdiamond@gmail.com                  *Collections

Nicole Becker SECRETERY Nikbecker30@gmail.com              *Communications


Lori Hellekson DIRECTOR Lorihellek@gmail.com

Michaela Shrode DIRECTOR m.scott23@hotmail.ca

Jay Stewart DIRECTOR whisp@xplornet.ca

Cory DIRECTOR cory@titanlivestock.com

Brian DIRECTOR dicksonranch5@gmail.com

Luc Roth DIRECTOR luc.roth.bto@gmail.com

Sharon Zielasko DIRECTOR playruff@telus.net

Jon Lecompte Tenant on grounds / Groomerman Contact President or Vice

Christine Davis Bookkeeper / Bookings 780-728-5058   elitecomsolutions@hotmail.com 


STEP Program Committee: Chair: Shae MacRae, Reegan MacRae, Clint Turner, Daylan Pambrun, Kayla, Diane Turner

New Building Committee: Chair: Kailee Groat. Lori Hellekson, Michaela Schrode, Jay Stewart, Cory Polak.

MJ Memorial Committee: Chair: Reegan MacRae, Lana Hataley, Scott MacRae, Shae MacRae, Maureen and Lincoln Beamish, Tea Hataley, Katelyn Banks, Kailee Grout, Lorene Stone, Dean Hataley, Brianna Baudin, Clint Turner, Daylan Pambrun

Fundraising Committee: Chair: Lori Hellekson. Sharon Zielasko, Nikki Becker, Jasmine McKinnon, Schafawn Sabourin, Brian Dickson.

Events Committee: Chair: Christine Alward. Sharon Zielasko, Jasmine McKinnon, Brian Dickson, Jenna Helmer.

Scholarship Committee: Chair: Lorene Stone & Lori Hellekson

Horse Show Committee: Chair: Lori Hellekson, Michealla Scott, Christine Alward

Communications Committee: Chair: Kailee Groat. Schafawn Sabourin, Christine Davis.

Indoor Arena Maintenance Committee: Chair: Christine Alward, Scott MacRae, Dean Hataley, Lincoln Beamish, Jay Stewart, Fran Davis, Kailee Grout, Lori Hellekson

Concession Committee: Stalled due to COVID Restrictions

Policy / Bylaw Review Committee: Chair: Kailee Grout, Christine Alward, Christine Davis, Katelyn Banks, Jenna Helmer

Groomer/grooming Committee: Chair: Dean Hataley, Scott MacRae, Christine Alward, Jay Stewart, Michaela Scott, Jenna Helmer, Jon LeCompte, Daylan Pambrum, Trina Swerbus

Maintenance Committee: Chair: Jay Stewart. Luc Roth. Kaliee Groat. Brian Dickson. Cory Polak.

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