Arena & Equipment Rental

Arena & Equipment Rental

Arena Rental  
  ALL USERS of the facilities must have a $20.00 YAS membership. Memberships expire September 30 of each year. This is for our legal protection, and it is a Bylaw of our Ag Society, so it is mandatory. Memberships of Ag Societies are not interlinked, therefore a membership at another society is not valid at our facility. Our facility is open to the public 24/7 and is based on a Use At Own Risk membership, hence all event participants must have a valid $5.00 YAS membership and sign the appropriate waiver attached to the membership form. It is the responsibility of the Event Host to ensure participants' are YAS members, and that the Ag Society receives the completed forms and fees required.

Full Day or weekend bookings: A maximum charge of $300/day will be in place, unless equipment needs to be left up rendering the arena closed to users for the entire 24 hour period in this case it will be $600/day. A full day is 8+ hours. Up to 7 hours is hourly rate of $25/hr. A signed rental agreement is required.
Private Booking: $25/hour for the indoor or outdoor facility. Please stay within your time limit for the booking. Penalties will apply to those who are not complying.

Open & Public riding: without a Yearly Single/Family Riding membership: $10 per horse/ per use. Penalties will apply to those who are interfering with Private Bookings. Please allow yourself enough time to clean and exit arena before Private Booking times.

Practitioner Use: For practitioners that do not hold an annual YAS riding membership, $25.00 for 4 hours/day, $50.00 for anything over 4 hours/day. Designated area is to be the Southeast Corner. A Event Request must be filled out and sent to prior to use.

A minimum of 12 hours is required when booking OR cancelling your booking for the outdoor / indoor facility. Please include your phone number with booking.

Please be advised that the Ag Society SHUTS DOWN the arena at -20 C and private bookings CAN BE cancelled without penalty or charge when the temperature reaches -15 C or the roads are unsafe for travelling, please advise us if this pertains to your booking.

Please allow 15 minute time slots between bookings to allow our volunteers to come and groom the grounds, the grounds will not be groomed between every booking though.

Please allow a 1 hour time slot after large events (Competitions, clinics, etc) between bookings to allow our event organizers to clear out of the arena and trailers to pull out of parking lot.
Booking Contacts:

Kailee Groat Please text 780-712-9477 or Email

Christine Davis Please text 780-728-5058 or Email

Outdoor stall rentals: $25/night with a $25 damage deposit. For information and lock combinations contact Kailee Groat @ 780-712-9477

Hosting an Event/Clinic at the YAS Facility
All promoted events/clinics open to public participation must be booked using the Event Rental Request Form, which is to be forwarded to Kailee Groat at or . The form and request will be brought to the YAS Board for review and approval. If approved, a signed Facility Rental Agreement will be required before the event booking is finalized. The Event Rental Request Form can be found under Documents at the bottom of the website.

Yearly Riding Membership Fees
Family: $320 - limit 8 horses Single: $230 - limit 4 horses

**Prices in effect for 2021-2022 season only. ALL memberships expire on September 30th of each year, regardless of when it was purchased.

Please note that to be eligible for a family membership; ALL members under the membership have to live within the SAME household.

Yearly Family/Single Membership fees DO NOT cover the cost of privately booking the facility; the yearly family/single membership only covers the drop-in riding cost of $10/horse

Concession / Table & Chair Rentals
Cost: $250/day $700 for the weekend

$10/day / table. 100% Damage deposit required. (10 tables x $10 = $100 rental per day plus $100 deposit)

$2/day/chair. (10 chairs x $2 = $20 rental per day plus $20 damage deposit)
Third Party Equipment

It has been decided that no outside equipment will be allowed in the arena unless its use is proposed at a meeting and the board of directors approves its use.

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